Pickup/ Delivery

Pickup and delivery times are subject to change.

Delivery prices are subject to change. The current delivery prices will display at checkout. 

Pickup Locations and delivery prices and times may vary during special promotions.



We offer the pickup from the following convenient locations:

Broad Street - Mon - Sat - 10 AM - 3:30 PM

Hastings - Mon - Fri 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Mile & A Quarter - Mon - Fri 11 AM - 4 PM and Sat 11 AM - 2 PM

At checkout Broad Street will be the only option shown if you select Pickup. To pickup from Hastings or Mile & A Quarter, select Shipping and select the Free Hastings Pickup o Free Mile & A Quarter Pickup.



We deliver island-wide and the fee is based on location:

St. Lucy & St. Peter - $10 [Use Postal Code 11000]

St. James, St. Michael, St. Thomas - $15 [Use Postal Code 12000] 

St. George and Christ Church - $20 [Use Postal Code 13000]

St. Philip - $25 [Use Postal Code 14000]

St. John - $20 [Use Postal Code 15000]

St. Andrew & St. Joseph [CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE],


Delivery Time

Mon - Fri: after 4:30/5:30 PM

Saturday time varies


Meetups are also considered deliveries and are subject to the delivery fee.

Public Holidays/ Sundays

We do not offer pickup or delivery on Public Holidays or Sundays.